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App description: Free for a limited time

Stop the Terrorist is an addictive puzzle based on an ancient Chinese game.

The Story
India, 1987. A rich man travels from USA to India on business. A terrorist is determined to kill him. You are in the police force. Your task is to find the terrorist on time, stop him and save the man.
Are you good enough?

The Challenge
Only one in a million is able to pass the hard level. Winning the hard level and spreading to the world the awesome pic is something which only few people have done.

There are 4 rows with dynamites. You can select as many dynamites as you want to remove from one row each time
The player who gets stuck with the last dynamite looses. Try to leave the last dynamite for the other player.

-supports one or two player mode (two player mode -on the same device)
-two levels of difficulty (easy, hard)
-beautiful graphics
-share your achievements

aterzakis's comments:
" Stop the Terrorist" is a simple but yet an intriguing puzzle game made by a young greek Developer named Argiris Terzakis.
The purpose of the game is to delete all the dynamites but the last one which you have leave it to the opposite player in order to win.

The game so far has two levels, the easy and the hard one. The game is addictive and you won't stop playing until you can solve the hard level which is quite difficult.

In fact at some point you might start to wonder if there really is a solution possible! We assure you that there is and as the developer says " Only one in a million can solve the hard level".

But even if you manage to solve the hard level the fun is not over! The game supports a two player game, so you can challenge your friends and spend hours of fun playing.

In overall it's a very good puzzle game with nice graphics and sound effects that you'll surely love. You can find it in the AppStore, it is compatible for iPhone and iPad and best of all it's Free.