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Sync and Swim - 3 in 1 memory game - Coming 3/9/14

03-06-2014, 11:30 PM
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Sync and Swim - 3 in 1 memory game - Coming 3/9/14

Hi, I'm Anye, co-owner and media director for ...And Refried Beans, a new Indie iOS development house. I'm happy to announce that our first game, Sync and Swim, will be released in the AppStore this Sunday, 3/09/2014.

Sync and Swim is a three-games-in-one aquatic adventure in memory gaming for kids (and the young at heart!) ages 5 and up, priced at $0.99. Sync and Swim is supported on iPhones and iPads running iOS 7.

Sync and Swim takes the classic memory game genre and spins it up with adorable under-the-sea characters and a whole slew of randomly applied patterns in the three different game modes that range from forgiving to incredibly challenging.

Because its core audience is children, the game features many kid (and parent!) friendly features including no ads or in-app purchases, separate in-game sound & music volume controls, and a detailed, interactive tutorial. Even though the game is targeted at kids, adults can also enjoy the compelling gameplay as well.

In the "Patterns" game, fish swim onto the screen in a random pattern and "show their moves". The player must tap the fish in the same order that they blinked. Every level, one additional fish shows their moves, so the game gets progressively more difficult. However, "Patterns" mode has a repeat option so you can view the pattern multiple times if necessary, and the player has unlimited time to copy the pattern. The game ends when the player makes a mistake in copying the pattern and their "score" is the level they reached. There is no limit to the number of levels except the limits of the player's memory.

The "Timed Patterns" game is very similar to "Patterns" except there is a limited amount of time per level, and there are no repeats. It's much harder! (Really..it is! Our testers had to cheat with pen and paper to test the game at high levels. Except for our 11 year old tester, he seemed to be a lot better than the rest of us...but I digress!)

In "Cards", the fish swim onto the screen and immediately hide behind cards. Each player move consists of selecting three cards. If the fish behind the three cards are the same, they are cleared from the board. The game ends when the board is cleared, and the "score" is the number of moves it took for the player to clear the board.


*Limitless memory gameplay (in 2 of the 3 game modes)
*Delightful 2D cartoon graphics & animation
*Simple, intuitive gameplay and interface
*Random presentation of patterns and characters at each level increases replayability
*The game keeps track of your best score in each game mode separately in permanent storage
*No ads or in-app purchases
*Interactive tutorial explains all three games in detail
*Color blind friendly all UI elements have distinguishing features besides color
*Upbeat and fun original soundtrack

You can check out a brief demo of the game here:

In summary, Sync and Swim provides a fresh (albeit salt-water) new take on the classic memory genre with a boatload of replayability. There's nothing fishy about this game!

If you read this far, thanks! I hope you will want to give our game a try! If you'd like to see more screenshots please visit our website, www.andrefriedbeans.com

We look forward to posting information about some of our other upcoming games as soon as we have enough of the art & development done to be representative. Thanks again!

Anye Freer, Co-Owner/Media Director
Sync and Swim, an under-the-sea, three-in-one memory game for kids (and the young at heart!) ages 5+.