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App description: Zewels is an addictive puzzle game experience that breaks the mold of classic puzzle games.

In Zewels Puzzle RPG, you'll need to use all your skill and intelligence to beat progressively tougher levels.

Combine gems to win magical power-ups and blast your way to victory.

Starting at level 0, there are a total of 20 levels, and 4 modes: three single player and one multiplayer.

As you gain more experience, you'll have an ever-greater advantage over your opponents.

To reach level 20, you'll need to pass a series of challenging tests in all four modes.

You can also enhance your abilities with Super Powers and Super Combos that will help you achieve maximum control of your mental powers.

Main features:
-Addictive Puzzle
-4 Game Modes
-Up to 20 levels
-Multiplayer Battles
-Powerful Magic
-Super Powers
-Super Combos

Four game modes:
-One more time
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This looks fun, thanks for posting