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Space Noir (sci-fi dogfighter from Deus-Ex The Fall developers) !!

03-10-2014, 01:31 PM
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Space Noir (sci-fi dogfighter from Deus-Ex The Fall developers) !!


Space Noir? But space is already noir. Maybe “space” is being used as an adjective here. Like the way car companies name colours. Champagne gold. Caribou beige. Get your 2015 Citroën DS in Space noir.

But perhaps not. Space Noir is a sci-fi dogfighter from N-Fusion, the New Jersey-based studio that collaborated with Eidos Montreal on Deus Ex: The Fall and brought us Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded. The game appears to be re-routing a lot of power to narrative the way Freespace and Wing Commander did, casting you as space mercenary Hal Markham, who’s on a mission of space vengeance against the evil-doers who ruined his career, killed his family, and married his girlfriend. That’s totally in the marketing materials, I’m not making it up.

Action is tough to do well on touchscreens but Deus Ex: The Fall was pretty solid. Space Noir is due out this summer for “tablet” — presumably iOS & Android.

03-10-2014, 01:45 PM
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This looks pretty awesome. And the "noir" is the style of story telling, usually gritty and depressing, with lowlifes and scumbags a plenty. For a similar setting, see the Firefly series. Even though that has a lot of wild west elements, but it is very "noirish" as well.

03-10-2014, 02:19 PM
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And more Sci-Fi! Woooo!
03-10-2014, 02:24 PM
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I love how Unity engine stuff appears on every single platform. I like space games, too. I'll be checking this out.

Speaking of Unity and space games, I wonder how come Star Wars Attack Squadrons seems to be browser-only? That would be nice on an iPad.
03-10-2014, 03:05 PM
This looks really awesome!

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03-10-2014, 04:00 PM
Looks pretty stellar!
05-11-2014, 11:57 PM
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Any news about this game?
05-12-2014, 01:06 AM
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Hot damn, instabuy.

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05-12-2014, 03:36 AM
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I remember seeing this trailer a while back, so yeah. This should easily be instabuy.

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05-12-2014, 05:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Exact-Psience View Post
I remember seeing this trailer a while back, so yeah. This should easily be instabuy.