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Darkest Fear - a letter to the devs

08-15-2009, 01:41 PM
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Darkest Fear - a letter to the devs

i recently downloaded darkest fear, at first sight it looks very disapponting, i used to play the java versions, back in the days, on my old nokia phone, and i loved the whole series. very well told stories, nice ideas, well executed handling and creepy ideas to get the player addicted to the game.
so i expected a lot from the new iphone version.
well, like i said, i started the game and tried, i tried very hard, believe me, to enjoy the game... but it doesn't happen.
1. the whole game game is very sloppy, it seems the protagonist walks at a very slow framerate. i can nearly feel the grid, the guy is walking on. i restarted my iphone twice to reset the RAM memory, but it doesn't helps.
maybe it's because of my outdated 3g , but doom resurrection proved it otherwise.
2. the sound seems also very sloppy (if one can say this). i always get the impression there are running 20 apps in the background, so the whole processor is totally overloaded, but my phone isn't jailbreaked, so nothing is running in the background
3. controlling the guy is also terrible. why do the game waste 1/3 of the screen with useless sidebars?! u don't really need that much space for the less information they display.
the space for controlling the guy is to small, i always cover most part of the game display with my fingers, so it's nearly impossible to have a proper sight where your character is heading to (and i don't have that big fingers)
i often get the guy walking in other directions i wanted him to walk, and endend in the dark parts, being attack by the creatures.
i think the whole concept of controlling the guy isn't that bad, but not well executed. if you would use the screen space smarter, e.g. reducing, or eliminating the display sidebars, you would have much more room for tapping, without covering important parts of the screen (look at my suggestion). i think the devs should rearrange the concept of displaying the status etc.


in addition, i think a d-pad wouldn't be a better idea. i like the idea tap to control, but look at toki tori, they did it in a much cleverer way.
4. i would love to get to talk to the devs through this forum. to rearrange the controlling and display issue to get a better game, which should, if eliminating the problems, be definitely worth to take a look at.
the whole game has some really cool ideas and it would be a shame if some halfhearted company people (which i think aren't the guys from rovio mobile ) would ignore the complains of a real supporter of the series.
if they eliminate the issues, this game could become something huge on the idevices, which it definitely deserves.
just look at the huge succes it has on the java platforms.

i hope i could start something, so that the next updates makes this game a great one!

thanks for listening.

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08-15-2009, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by ImNoSuperMan View Post
yeah, i know, but i wanted to pointed it out, in a new thread, so it's more obvious
but thanks for the hint
08-15-2009, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by tobie_! View Post
yeah, i know, but i wanted to pointed it out, in a new thread, so it's more obvious
but thanks for the hint
I meant to tell you the dev is there in the thread. Why would you write your letter in a new thread which he might not even notice??? Copy paste your impressions in the thread over there and you`ll most probably get a response from him. I dont really think he`ll find out this post of yours in this thread here.
08-15-2009, 02:38 PM
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email them...
08-15-2009, 03:00 PM
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okay, i'll copy and paste it into the other thread, maybe ure right.
dear admin, could u please erase this threat.
thanks in advance