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iPhone: StarSmasher 1.1

09-05-2008, 02:07 PM
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StarSmasher 1.1

I'm interested to hear what people think of the new gameplay. Has anyone downloaded it? What do you think?
09-05-2008, 02:10 PM
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I haven't been able to update StarSmasher this morning, but I'm very excited to try the new version!

09-05-2008, 02:16 PM
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I cannot find the game on itunes at all, nor on my phone.

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09-05-2008, 02:46 PM
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Hmmm. I think iTunes is having some problems. As was pointed out in the announcement on toucharcade the version string hadn't been updated in iTunes (it has now). Also, I was having some problems using the search feature today (unknown error 5002) in iTunes. Hopefully it will be cleared up soon.

Now, however, searching for StarSmasher seems to work fine. :/
09-05-2008, 03:41 PM
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now updating!
I've give it a whack as soon as I get the chance!
09-05-2008, 03:41 PM
Update is Live

Just updated my StarSmasher, and while the game is far from perfect, the new energy monger mode makes it more fun. There are newer enemies, objectives (collect x amount of blue orbs), less asteroids, and health pickups. The game is far from StarFox 64, of course, but weapon upgrades, multiple enemy targeting and other things would go a long way to making this a must have game
09-06-2008, 12:49 AM
This is a big step in the right direction, the new game mode is really fun. I can't say i was too interested in playing the game before, but this was a much better experience.

For sure there is more work to be done, but i like the improvements made so far.

If the developer is watching this thread, consider changing the effect of enemy fire on the player ship. Having the enemy fire push you around is kind of annoying, something like just having the ship shake a little to show impact may be better. It makes sense to have a meteor push you around, but i think the enemy projectiles should have less influence over your flight path.
09-16-2008, 01:38 PM
Personally, I think this game just became one of the best iphone games there is. It's the of the the very few that even begins to tap the iphone's potential as a real gaming platform.

I for one am sick of all the "casual" games. Puzzle after puzzle, after puzzle. I got Aurora Feint & I don't need any other puzzle game with that on my phone.

No, it's not a professional studio game. But the studios have let us down in a major way so far. It's indie apps like this that can point studios in the right direction if people will quit trashing them for not being studio games.

Again, that said, here's my suggestions:

I'd like to be able to save my game. Or just an "unlock the levels" scheme would work. If there's 30 levels & I have to start over from level 1 each time, I don't think I'll ever get to beat this game, because I just don't have time to sit and play for that long. I kinda think of the iPhone as the gaming platforms for grown-ups. And grown-ups need to be able to save their progress, or they'll never make any. Emulation enabled my adulthood return to gaming with the miracle of "save game state." I think there's a valuable lesson here for marketing games to adults.

I wish it mattered whether or not I ever shot anything. One could in theory beat the whole game without firing a shot. I might even suggest a 3rd "type" of game play: "sharp shooter" where you have to knock out a certain percentage of baddies to progress.

Of course if you did that there's this other little issue that would matter more than it does now: It seems to me that there's a pretty substantial area around the edge of the screen where enemies can hang out and I cannot shoot them because my lazers always go into the middle of the screen. Obviously the shots do move, but they can't make it to the edge of the screen, but the enemies can.

Anyway, like I said, this game is freakin' awesome. Thanks for your hard work. Hope yer makin' some $ offa this.
09-16-2008, 09:46 PM
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Game is good. It's unfairly judges too, some of the reviews says it's a hack of touch fighter or something.
09-17-2008, 08:14 AM
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Thanks for the encouragement! Yeah, I'm planning to make jump-to-level available in a future update. Version 1.1 is already saving how far you have gotten (secretly! =D) but I didn't have time to build the appropriate screens to jump you there. That said, right now I've had to put development on hold for a few weeks because I'm leaving the country on Sunday for 6 months and my wife and I have been packing up our entire life. Once we're settled in I plan to be developing once again so hang in there!

Also, a pause feature is another top request. And I think I'm going to make the bonus games just a little bit easier, that ring runner bonus is practically impossible.

Oh, as to the aiming, the ship does tilt as you tilt so if you hit the edge of the screen you can continue to tilt your device to make him aim farther out from the center. Possibly this should be increased... I'll play around with it.


Thanks. Yeah, I put a rant about the TouchFighter stuff in this forum. What's funny is that TouchFighter is only a tech demo in the truest sense, if you watch the videos closely there really isn't a lot going on. I think people want it so bad because they got to see videos of it before the app store went live and so they psychologically have built it up to be this great game when its really nothing more than a simple turret shooter.