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App description: Did You ever play a game like this? If You ever have been in polish school, probably yes. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure You're not :)
Simple game, perfect for short breaks. You can play with Your iPhone or with Your friend.
AI is not too hard but it thinks :) He makes mistakes too, but not very often, so prepare yourself for his combo strikes :)

The goal is simple. Score a goal :) You have one move in around single square. Then Your oponent makes his move. You can get another move (combo) if You hit field border or another line. Beware of "no-move" points!
You can find all rules in instruction. There are 6 of them.

iPad version & multiplayer is on the way! So stay tuned :)
I'll be also increasing difficulty of AI so it won't be so easy like now :)

Thank You for Your support.
I hope You will enjoy it as much as I do.

Yayuro's comments:
Hello everyone,

Latelly I've finally complete my little game, spare time killer

Beacuase it's my first app, there it is .. 5 codes to get it for free :-)

Maybe You will like it

Greetings from Cracow, Poland.
Have a nice day.
03-13-2014, 01:45 PM
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N44F6LLXLKTE taken...

thanks a lot!
03-14-2014, 02:18 AM
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No problem Hope You like it