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iPad: Steam Jack - coming soon for iPad

03-13-2014, 06:42 PM
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Steam Jack - Universal iOS

This is my new game Steam Jack coming out very soon just waiting on Apple to approve, This will be a Universal iOS app.

Youtube link | Pop Up

Take the roll of Steam Jack and fight your way through multiple settings to recover the Plasmag Orb, which is vital to the people of Steam City. It powers almost everything in a clean and efficient way, Without it, they will have to go back to coal and wood, and thats not good.
The Plasmag Orb was taken by the evil Dr.Boilermaker so he can power his steam army and use them to take over Steam City and all of Earth, but the evil martian's also want it back they say it was stolen from there world and will stop at nothing to get it.

Steam Jack Game Features:

Retina Graphics supported.
32 Levels 7 Worlds to explore plus 4 Boss Fights.
Collect Coins to unlock the mini-Games.
find hidden items and Treasure Rooms along the way.
GameCenter Leader Boards.

3 mini-Games to unlock - Steam Rover and Martian Flapper Bird include there own Leader Boards.

Steam Rover - drive your SteamMod-T across the martian landscape, make it to safety before the Martians stop you.

Plasmag Miner - Pilot the Martian Lander down into the caves of Mars and recover the Plasmag Orbs and return them to safety.

Martian Flapper Bird - yea you guessed this one, tap the screen to help the Martian Flapper Bird navigate it's way through the caves of Mars.

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