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Space Barrage Arcade -promo codes- big update celebration! [Codes gone]

03-13-2014, 08:28 PM
Space Barrage Arcade -promo codes- big update celebration! [Codes gone]

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EDIT: Sorry the promotion is over, but do check out the game!

Space Barrage Arcade 1.1 is a solid update to our game and we want to celebrate and get the word out. We need some reviews and impressions to go around and just want some more people to experience this challenging arcade action game.

If you want to know more about the game scroll down or talk about it on the thread here at Touch Arcade.

A Few Rules:
  1. * EDIT: I now have 0 to give away. They were given away by private message. Sorry you missed it!
  2. * If you have no intention of leaving impressions of the game even if you love it please let someone else take a code.
  3. * When you play, try to get good and beat my wife's score. She has been the world champion for too long.

You'll need something newer than an iPad 1 or iPhone 4 or iPod 4 to play this as smoothly as we think it should be played but some people are okay with the performance on iPhone 4.

Here's the game's official page at buzzabit.com

Follow news and promotions on the Facebook site

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03-14-2014, 06:24 AM
The promo codes are all used up! But you can, of course buy Space Barrage Arcade for 2 bucks at the App Store, keep up with it and find impressions at the main thread, keep track of future features and news at the Facebook page, and see what's coming over at Buzzabit Entertainment.

Thanks for checking Space Barrage Arcade out! For those of you that earned the promo codes, I'm happy to have more people playing. Be sure to get on Game Center and tear up the leaderboards and achievements, my wife has a score on there that can be beaten pretty quickly (Amalee), but I've been holding her back on the release version. On the developer sandboxed Game Center her score is ridiculous.

If any friends buy it, we'd appreciate it if you encouraged them to leave us an honest review at the App Store as we have very little momentum so far.

Enjoy the game!

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03-14-2014, 06:40 AM
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It's a fantastic game, I love it.