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App description: You good at games? Really good? Better than your friends? This game is hard, super hard. With dead simple controls and subtle but deep gameplay it's one of the most challenging and addictive games since Doodle Jump. Can you get to 11 points? How about 20? 40? What about 99?

"I LOVE THIS GAME: Its so darn fun and polished.
-- Ivano Palmentieri, Flappy Jam creator #flappyjam

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It's the 8th annual cowhead hopping championships, and you're Buddy Dallas. While on top of a speeding train you need to leap from cowhead to cowhead to score points. To do so, you'll need all your wits as angry bulls and fearsome vultures look to make you crash.

Step up. Prove your gaming skills. Share scores and challenge friends. Go face to face with 'Horns and come out on top!

- Super challenging, nail-biting, addictively fun gameplay

- One tap controls: tap to jump, tap again to glide, land on a cowhead to score points

- Specially crafted pixels for iPhone5, and all retina iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices

Check out some gameplay:

2 Ton Studios's comments:
Hey guys -- Beware of Horns just got released App Store - it's free with no IAP.

It started as a simple entry for Flappy Jam, where people seemed to love it, ranking it 11th out of 800 entries. So I polished it, and turned it into an iOS game.

The gameplay is super simple, but I hope a lot of fun to master: tap to jump, tap again to glide, no running required. The challenge is in mastering the subtleties of jump and glide while dodging vultures, avoiding bull horns and trying to score points by landing on cowhead after cowhead.

I put a lot of energy into making it difficult, but at the same time a ton of fun. In a game where you're going to die a lot I tried to make the music, sound effects, art style and death animations super enjoyable -- if you're smiling to yourself or laughing out loud while playing then I've done my job.

I think of this forum as the place to tell people about new a iOS game, so I'd love for you to check it out, and of course if you have feedback let me know.

Cheers and thanks in advance!

03-16-2014, 06:08 PM
Really glad to see this make it's way over to the iWorld.
To all of the devs out there trying to make a quick buck off of flap-alikes, follow these steps:
1) download this game;
2) play it;
3) take notes;
4) go back to the drawing board
5) jcreate something inspired by, original, difficult and fun (just like this).

This game is amazing. Great job.

Pause & mute are horribly placed for a tap game.
I've accidentally muted/paused it several times now.
Top corner would be ideal, IMO.

Question for the Dev:
Does the wind gusts change? Are they always the same strength?

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03-16-2014, 07:28 PM
@eyeGamer - Thanks so much! That's exactly what I set out to do, make something with the gameplay essence of Flappy Bird but do way more than just put some new graphics on it. Hope other folks feel the same way .

re Mute and Pause, I have to say I bummed you don't like the placement of the pause and mute controls . I wanted them an easy thumb/finger reach away as I found the top corner always too hard to get at on fast paced games like this, for instance in the Flappy whenever I reach for pause I almost always die and if not die on resume. I even went so far as to switch the placement of the mute button based on which side of the screen you first tap on so that pause will be the first and largest button for your dominant hand/finger. As I said, bummed you don't like it, but maybe give it a bit more time, I really think it is a cool innovation and improvement over the top corner .

re: Wind Gusts, they are a constant value. I tried to scale them so they take you back fast enough so you can't abuse them, but not so fast that you get sucked right back. Mastering the glide mechanics is one of the keys to the game's challenge, so I'll leave it to you to give that a go.

Again, thanks for the reply, I really hope others check out the game as I'm pretty proud of the depth I achieved while having very few gameplay elements.


2 Ton Studios
Makers of NinjaBoy + Beware of Horns
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03-16-2014, 09:59 PM
Re:Pause/Mute placement

You have a great point.
The top corners aren't ideal either.
Where you put them makes sense, in theory, since most people will probably be tapping in the left and right bottom corners.
I'm sure I will get used to them, and for the record, when I had the issue I was using an iPad which was propped up...
So I was tapping in the middle.
When I'm holding my iPad (which accounts for 95% of my gameplay), I would be tapping in the bottom corners - so the placement would be perfect.

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03-17-2014, 12:41 PM
@eyeGamer Great to hear it, I was hoping you'd come around .

2 Ton Studios
Makers of NinjaBoy + Beware of Horns
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