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App description: ** Attention Good Drivers... Can You Drive This Car? ***
Simply tap the screen to guide your car through obstacles in town

- Earn points and gain speed to get to higher gears, how high can you go? 2?3? 5?

- You will find Jetpacks in middle of the way, use them to earn 5X scores. But, it is not easy to control your car in a jet session!

- How good can you drive? can you beat your friends' high score?

behrad3d's comments:
Version 1.1 is available now

New features:
- Golden Rims :-> Collect GoldenRims and use them to Re-spawn to the point you failed and continue.
- Major graphical improvements
- Difficulty changes.

Although there are a vast number of FlappyBird like apps, my friend tried to create a new one for cars! This one seems to be both challenging and well made. Playing the game is not easy (as Flappy Bird was not!)
There are some kind of progress in the gameplay. Reaching higher scores leads you to higher Gears! and consequently your speed will increase. Fortunately the developer though about it and distance between buildings increases once you reach higher speeds to make it possible to play the game. Also once you reach gear 3, there are some Jet-Engines to pickup. Those engines, gives the user a burst of speed for few seconds with 4x or 5x in scores (also very hard to control).

Overall this game seems to be well-made and addictive!


I made a video to demonstrate the gameplay of FlappyCar

and here are some screenshots:

03-23-2014, 01:50 PM
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Allright folks, a good update for Flappy Car is out now.

In new version you can collect GoldenRims and use them to have extra life and return to game from where you failed (Respawn).

Graphical quality is significantly improved.
Also, gameplay is a little bit different now.

Please give us your reviews about the difficulty and quality of the game.