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Level Editors - Worth It?

08-16-2009, 03:14 AM
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Level Editors - Worth It?

Hey Guys,

I've been thinking of adding a level editor in to Double Maze, but do you think people would use something like that? Would you?

The idea is they can design their own levels with a drag and drop interface then test the level (there by validating it as finishable) and once they have finished it they can name it and upload it.

Other users can then play the levels.

Would something like that swing you from a no-buy to a buy? For the devs out there did it increase your sales?

Double Maze isn't really making any money so I'm not sure I should be adding something to it if it's not going to get used.

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08-16-2009, 03:31 AM
This is in the wrong section, but as I bought double maze, my friend said he would buy it if only it had a level editor. JPsarda is a developer of games with level editors exclusively, so he would be good to contact. I think A level editor would be a great idea, and would be used a lot. bonuslevel.org's blockoban has a level editor and can be used to create similiar levels. I actually made a level named maze double . and I keep coming back to that. (and keep recomending to friends ) But thats just one guys, opinion, I think you should listen well to everyone.

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Something along the lines of "You have bought 10 hats! A new hat is available for purchase in the store". But no hat.

Edit: I realize I am overly concerned about this hat.
08-16-2009, 04:05 AM
Level editors are great to use and I realy love to unleash the creative side of me with levl editors. I have not bough double maze but if it has a level editor, why not? I bet there are lots of people like me who spends more time on level editors than on the main campaigns and for me i must admit using the level editor in Shapeshape alot. You can get inspiration from games like Little Big Planet too. Good Luck!
08-16-2009, 04:48 AM
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i liked double maze but I dont think a level editor is really needed. I'd rather see more gameplay modes.

sometimes it's better to have official levels that come straight from the developer.