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Dukes of War - turn based strategy

03-18-2014, 09:00 PM
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Dukes of War - turn based strategy

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Originally Posted by Dukes of War Kickstarter
Dukes of War is a turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting, leveling up the timeless fun of classics like Panzer General, Battle Isle or Heroes of Might and Magic by featuring over 90 unique units, each with their own special ability. Use your tactical skills to defeat the Undead wherever you are with intuitive controls on your iOS and Android mobile devices. Finally, experience high replay value by choosing from two distinct armies (Knights or Barbarians) as well as by recruiting mighty heroes in the course of a branching story.

It had seemed like the time for heroes was over after Prince Desmond lost his life in the Last Battle trying to overturn King Eldric II. His treason led to the dismissal of all other Dukes, as they were no longer trusted, no matter how bravely they served the King before. Now however, a new threat has risen from the dead. And only the Dukes of War and their armies can stop these hellish creatures. Will you manage to fight off hordes of monstrous enemies and defeat the greater evil controlling them?

Classic turn-based strategy (TBS) with new gameplay features for iOS and Android
Over 90 unique units and 2 completely different Dukes as avatars
Each unit has its own special ability and can be upgraded twice. Decide which upgrades you are researching for your troops
The Duke you choose is part of the game and playable as a single powerful unit
Beautiful Soundtrack by Jonathan vd Wijngaarden
Choose between different paths and discover new maps in the next playthrough
Find and recruit mighty heroes to fight for your cause
Experience beautifully animated 2D graphics and 3 different islands/settings: Dark Woods, Eternal Ice and Volcano Island
Conquer and defend impressive buildings
Explore the map to find gold, allies and artifacts