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App description: Start with up to 999 lives in this fast paced action game where you have only moments to react to what lies ahead! Spikes, dragons, lava pits and false floors are just a few of the obstacles you'll encounter in your dash to the finish; and when the sweat starts to fall and you need a break, just remember- There is no pause button!!!

Exact-Psience's comments:

Retro visuals, chiptunes, brutal, zero IAP, one-tap touch auto-running platformer.

03-19-2014, 01:59 AM
Joined: Jul 2013
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It's kinda fun, requiring very precise platforming skills, and being super quick to reset when you fail. It's no super meat boy, but it is evocative of it

My only gripe is that the orientation is locked. It feels like I'm being forced to hold my ipad upside down
03-19-2014, 09:39 PM
Is there really no pause button.
Because no matter how good the game is, I won't play it without a pause button.
That's a silly gimmick, IMO.

Playing now
Yes, there really isn't a pause button.
Yes. It's a silly gimmick.

This game is really good though it's just it keeps registering single taps as a double jump and killing me.
This has to be fixed for me to enjoy it. A game that requires precision has to get the controls right, first and foremost.

This one didn't.


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