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  • Publisher: RiviSoft
  • Genre: Sports
  • Device: iPad
  • Size: 11.4 MB
  • Version: 1.05
  • Price: $2.99
  • Average User Rating:
    Not enough votes.
App description: If you ever thought that you could run your favorite basketball team better than 'they can', Hoops Manager is for you. Hoops Manager is a full featured sports simulation for professional american basketball. Take over one of 30 teams and guide them to the championship!

Hoops Manager 2014 *****
by #%*% - Version - 1.041 - Aug 28, 2014
Best Sim sports game I have ever played and I've played many different board and PC sports games. If you like stats and controlling your favorite team this game is for you.

Fun game *****
by Cvlvsv3 - Version - 1.041 - Nov 16, 2014
Great bball strategy game. The only issue is the slow simulation, but it is getting better. Please keep the upgrades going.

Best basketball game out there *****
by Redfox000 - Version - 1.03 - Jun 30, 2014
This is a very good game. If you are more n to coaching and being the GM, this is definitely the game for you.

Great potential ****
by Reolurktager - Version - 1.0 - Apr 5, 2014
I think this game has a great layout and easy to understand. I've changed all the team names and player names which did not take too long -thanks to a post on the forum of the production company. So far the AI has been really good. Three team trades are accurate and fun. The only reason I gave it a four star instead of five is because the simulation speed is pretty slow, particularly for games you are not watching or managing. But I recommend it to anybody who likes simulation sports games like iOOTP.

Hoops Manager includes:
- original ratings based on actual player performance
- advanced and standard statistics
- weekly, monthly and yearly awards
- free agency
- career progression and retirement
- salary cap (including Bird rights, etc)
- trades with up to 3 teams and including draft picks
- player level offensive and defensive strategy
- team level offensive and defensive formation and pace
- team depth charts
- power rankings
- draft lottery and draft
- All Star game
- full playoffs
- Training Camp
- News reports covering injuries, financials, top performances and awards
- advanced simulation actually plays the game rather than being generated as a composite of ratings and your coaching and strategy will make a difference
- shot chart for team and players during games
- games can be quick simmed (1-3 seconds per game), coached directly or simply watched, but the same engine is used regardless
- edit player and team names (our forum has user created lists for both the 13-14 and 14-15 seasons to help)

Lord_Rivi's comments:
Hi guys

I am the developer of Hoops Manager and would like to introduce it to you.

Hoops Manager is a sports simulation app where you take control of an NBA franchise and try to lead it to victory. It has an advanced in game simulation as well as everything you would expect in the NBA (salary cap, bird rights, free agency, rookie draft, trades (of players and draft picks), awards and much more. I am very proud of the game and, if you like the genre of game, hope you will give it a try. It can be found on the App Store here.
A rather lengthy overview video can de found on you tube here.




Game images below:
03-22-2014, 02:13 PM
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Can we trade players with other people online?

03-22-2014, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by twenty6868 View Post
Can we trade players with other people online?
Hoops Manager is played on a single iPad not through Game Center or some sort of network/internet. You can have as many human managers as you want, (up to 30 - one for each team) and they can conduct trades on the device, but you can not trade or play with other instances on other iPads. Of course, you can also trade with the teams managed by the computer.

Sorry but thanks for the question.

Stephen (developer of Hoops Manager)

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03-22-2014, 07:36 PM
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04-09-2014, 02:13 AM
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So far so good (for the most part). I am enjoying watching my games sim on a pass by pass basis however the wait time between my games is a bit much as all games are simulated like this it seems. It just takes a long time to sim each day (25-30 seconds per game and often simulating 10+ games to get to the next day). Not too big of a deal for the hardcore players that want a realistic sim season and not sure this can be adjusted while keeping AI team/player stats equal to human controlled team/player stats. The game will occasionally crash when removing/adding teams to trades. 3-team trades need to be looked at as well. If one team agrees to the terms the "make trade" button appears no matter how much the third team hates the trade (they can give up everything and get nothing yet the trade can still be executed).

Overall though this is a a sim game with tons of upside.

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04-24-2014, 12:37 PM
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Thanks for the feedback CptMurdock!

I am looking at trades at the moment (fixing a different issue), and I believe I have identified the problem with your 3 team trade issue.

Looking at the code (I have not tested it yet), it looks like if the 2nd team does not like the trade but the third does, the third overrides the response of the second and the trade can be processed (assuming it passes the salary cap rules). That is a big problem (or a fun exploit I guess depending on how you look at it! lol). Thanks for finding it and pointing it out, I will try to put a fix in for that as well as the other trade related bug.



04-24-2014, 12:52 PM
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I have fixed the issue -should have caught it in testing :-( Now I need to ensure that the two fixes I have logged do not cause any other problems, and if they do not I should be submitted a new build to Apple within the next couple of days.

Thanks for the information and, until a new build is out, that is an absolutely amazing way to game the system and really mess up a team. I just used it to get Kevin Love for Emeka Okofur lol

04-24-2014, 01:19 PM
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iPhone support planned? Would love it!
04-27-2014, 02:57 PM
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I have also fixed an issue which could cause a crash when removing teams (or when changing draft year under certain circumstances). I am in the process of testing it, and expect I will submit a new build to Apple today which will resolve these three trade related issues.

Thanks again for the feedback, it really helps me resolve issues and bugs and makes the game better!

04-27-2014, 03:04 PM
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This looks great. Just wish it was an nfl one