App description: "Shavalyn Pop: Alien Escape would have been fine as just a weird little shooter. However, by giving players simple but powerful ways to customize how they play, it becomes a great weird little shooter." - 148apps

How many meters can you last in this strange labyrinth?
Surely some...

Help our friend Shavalyn Pop escape from this alien trap:
Overcome with numerous hazards
Get stars for fill your life, prepare a great laser attack or protect him with a energy bubble.

Shavalyn: Hey dude!, this is no game, this is an infernal adventure, we risk the future of our planet.
Escape from the alien power and be FREE.


- Tomatoes
- Potatoes
- Phones
- TVs
- Boxing gloves
- Bulbs
- And lots of fun

fluiddot's comments:

I hope you like it !
05-26-2014, 01:02 PM
Shavalyn Pop: Alien Escape - Gameplay video [by Mysticmono]

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