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BerglasMagic (by Xianhua Zeng)

03-25-2014, 08:32 AM
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BerglasMagic (by Xianhua Zeng)

Since more than 50 years, nobody can crack this magic.Do you want to learn this magic? This is a fantastic app, and it will show you, how to play this fantastic magic.You will add more fun in your circle of friends. Let's play it together!
Do you want to become a real magician?
This APP will allow you to become a professional magician. Let you learn a nobody crack of magic More than 50 years. David Berglashas been performing a unique version of"any card at any number" for almost 50 years, because of their mysterious, unknown crack for 50 years, so called the BERGLAS EFFECT. As long as you download the software, you can also play the magic. You can also use this APP and CARDS to play, create more magic. To download! As long as the simple exercise, you can become a real magician.
Thank you for your use, if you have good Suggestions, please contact us, we will give you a reply in time.

The magic code:
Please practice skilfully before performing Respect fellow, practice seriously Absolutely not disclose the contents of the subsequent show before the magic show Not at the same time, same place, show the same magic for the same audience twice After the magic show, never to reveal the secret of magic to the audiences. Do not teach the magic without cost, do not open the secret of the magic. Please go to the APPSTORE to purchase the software.

Universal magic APP:
Play with CARDS1 :
Play with CARDS2:

03-25-2014, 10:25 AM
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Is there only 1 magic trick?
I don't think it is worth taking my expensive IPad to a children's birthday party ( as an entertainer. I work as a balloon twister, face painter, story teller, clown, gypsy, other characters, etc) for just 1 virtual, card trick.

Looks creative though. Always looking for something different and this is different.