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A game about shaving sheep! by WeCameFromMars

03-26-2014, 10:57 AM
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A game about shaving sheep! by WeCameFromMars

Hello everyone,

First post on the coming soon section!

For your viewing pleasure I'm bringing you a nice "whack-a-mole meets fruit-ninja" game. The game is called "Shave the Sheep" and your purpose is to well...shave sheep (by swiping) and shoot wolves (by tapping). Failing to do either will result in a loss of life for the player.

The point of the game is to gather wool, that in turn you will spend on a store (called the "Barn" ingame), to buy item upgrades and unlock new characters.

So far I have two unlockable character classes: Wolves and Sheep. Some wolves provide a life bonus, but require more shots to die, the sheep provide more wool. As for the items atm I have "Shavers" that provide a wool bonus (by %) and shotgun rounds that reduce the ammount of shots to kill a wolf.

I'm labeling this WIP because it's not really done yet. This is a one-man project (except for the audio) and so it's incredibly time-consuming to try and produce art that stands up to the game's concept while doing the same with code.

I would love to have brought this project here earlier, but only now I've deemed it worthy of showing (plus now I'm sure I'm going to release it ). The final release will be for iOS, Android and WebPlayer, right now I have a Webplayer version up and running on Kongregate.

That however it might not be the more optimized platform to play it, since the whole thing was designed for swipes on mobile, not drag gestures, but hey, you can take a look a get a pretty idea of what's coming.

The current state of affairs is that I'm ironing out final gaps, flaws and occasional bug to release it for iOS.

So, without further adue, some screenshots!

And a gameplay video here:

Hope you guys like it