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App description: It one of the most popular house hold game in India. it is Very simple card game. In Indian language "Hindi", "Badam" in cards mean "Hearts" and " Satti" Means card no 7, Hence the name 7 of hearts, The game always starts with person with 7 of hearts playing first.

A fun card game which is addictive and interesting, Badam Satti an Indian game played by millions of households now on you devices . Where winner is the one with least card points. Aim of the game is to finish one's cards before the opponents does. The users can play it Online with multi-player and offline also, and this game is surely a great mind exercise which refreshes your mind. Strategies and skills are needed to become the master player. Game starts with 7 of hearts and player left with least card points is the winner at the end of the game.

chiragm984's comments:
It is the most popular indian card game app. It is also known as "7 of Hearts" or "Satti Center" in few regions. If you play it once then you will surely played it again. It's an engrossing game for card game lovers.
Badam Satti - 7 of Hearts is absolutely free.

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Google play - Badam Satti - 7 of Hearts

itunes - Badam Satti - 7 of Hearts