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Old 03-27-2014, 10:30 AM
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Default Bomboozle 3

We've finally released Bomboozle 3 for iOS devices for just $0.99 - go grab it here if you fancy some destructive, puzzling fun:


Bomboozle is back once again to frustrate, entertain and errr...bomboozle you! Simply clear as many of the blobs as possible from the board, aiming to clear 4 or more of the same colour at a time. Clearing a group of 3 will dump a nasty skull on the board, and the only way to get rid of them is to destroy them with a bomb - luckily you get one of these every time you clear a group of 5 or more. Bomb explosions can also be chained together to form spectacular chain reactions and net you loads of points. Be warned though - if you run out of moves then your game will come to an abrupt end...

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Old 03-30-2014, 06:52 PM
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Thank you for the promo code previously.
Following is my review.

Bomboozle 3

I enjoyed playing Bomboozle 3.

I know what you might be thinking. Another match 3 game.... Yawn.....
But the 1st time you hear a bomb go off, you won't be yawning anymore!

Like a typical match 3 game, the goal is to clear as many color matches of 3 or more, as possible. But unlike a typical match 3, are the additional rules, bombs & skulls. There's also different versions of the game, within the game, when you want more challenge.

Although you can keep matching 3 same color blobs all day really want to go for 5, because a match of 3 means a skull for thee. Sure it can get difficult. But you're no pansy. You got this. And; matching 5 helps keep you alive. ( by giving you bombs that is.)

The graphics are bright & colorful, the music is fun, and the explosions, are noticeable. Especially when you put a couple, or more, bombs together. "BOOM!"

And, because we're no pansies, there isn't a redo button or a scramble one either. When you run out of moves, that's it. Game over.

Although, I admit it, I'm not too fond of those skulls. Every time I tap on one of them, they laugh at me! Luckily, when I blow them up with a bomb, they're not laughing at me anymore, he he

When selecting a match 3 ( or 4 or 5 ), this one should be at the top of the list.

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