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App description: Defend your garden from a barrage of psychotic garden gnomes.

They're going to cause all sorts of damage, because they don't care about you or your garden, so using two strategically placed slingshots, you must prevent the psycho gnomes from destroying your epic fruits and vegetables. Take aim and fire a variety of projectiles at these relentless creatures as they wreak utter havoc from all angles. Watch out though, they're unpredicable and unhinged to say the least, so you never know where they'll spring from, what they'll be planning or how they're going to react. You'll need your wits about you, quick reactions and a calm nerve to handle these little garden nightmares. We call them Psycho Gnomes for a reason... You've been warned!

* 80 garden levels for the Psycho Gnomes to terrorise
* 4 different kinds of ammunition for fire
* 2 modes: Campaign and Survival
* 6 different types of Psycho Gnomes to defend against

* Numerous projectile combinations and strategies
* Innovative control system! Aim carefully or just bash away at the screen and drown the gnomes in projectiles!
* Multiplayer - play with a friend, manning one slingshot each
* Check options for the control system best suited to you!
03-31-2014, 01:45 AM
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So I've been in a searching mood on the AppStore and have come across this game. It's by 505 Games (Terraria). I was wondering if anyone has played this? I may pick this up if there's no one who has any feedback.

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03-31-2014, 01:55 AM
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Sorry never seen this before but it looks interesting. Seems nice graphically. Looks like a defensive game where you have to hold off the enemies with attacks.

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03-31-2014, 08:50 AM
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There is a free version, I think I'll give it a spin.

It's not bad, sligshots to defend you pumpkin, while gnomes game at you for a set amount of time. You aim like Angry Birds, pull back then release to shoot, however once locked on a specific gnome, tap to fire. 4-star rating system.

Just played the first couple of levels and it seems it can get pretty hectic later on, will play more and leave more, but overall, not bad.

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