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App description: Shave all the sheep! Shoot all the Wolves! Are your fingers fast enough?

Shave the Sheep is all about gathering lots of wool and keeping the wolves away by shooting them!
This is a hectic game where you swipe over sheep to shave them, and tap on wolves to shoot them! Not only that, but you can Unlock new characters and item upgrades with the wool you gather!

*Full version* *No ads, all the fun!*


-Infinite Level play
-In-Game store to purchase unlockables
-No In-App purchases, you spend what you gain by shearing sheep
-3 difficulty levels
-Original soundtrack


-Swipe over any sheep to shave it (shear)
-Tap on any wolf to shoot him
-Some wolves will require more shots to kill
-The Black sheep provides more wool, but you sacrifice a life to shear it.

-iPhone 4 and superior
-iPod Touch from 5th Gen. and superior

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RFLG's comments:
Hello everyone,

We have a new game for you guys!

For your viewing pleasure we offer you a nice "whack-a-mole meets fruit-ninja" game. The game is called "Shave the Sheep" and your purpose is to well...shave sheep (by swiping) and shoot wolves (by tapping). Failing to do either will result in a loss of life for the player.

The point of the game is to gather wool, that in turn you will spend on a store (called the "Barn" ingame), to buy item upgrades and unlock new characters.

So far I have two unlockable character classes: Wolves and Sheep. Some wolves provide a life bonus, but require more shots to die, the sheep provide more wool. As for the items atm I have "Shavers" that provide a wool bonus (by %) and shotgun rounds that reduce the ammount of shots to kill a wolf.

Game controls/rules:

-swipe in any direction over a sheep to shave it
-tap on a wolf to shoot him
-beware of black sheep, they grant a wool bonus but cost life to shave
-failing to shave any given sheep or shooting any given wolf, you loose one life

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So, without further adue, some screenshots!

And the gameplay video is here:

More info and extra artwork on the game's facebook page:


Hope you guys enjoy it!