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App description: DRIVE AND PARK 7 VEHICLES
Including segmented vehicles, such as a semi-truck, a B-double. The 4x4 offroader truck, and the small sports cars are able to do fun shortcuts on some of the tracks. All vehicles have different characteristics and are hard to drive. You will need to tap the 'undo' button to revert time when you have fallen off the track or got stuck. The game is simple, but takes a lot of practice to become a winner.

The tracks include dangerous mountain roads, narrow corners, mecanical parts and jumps. Easy and hard levels are randomly sorted. Don't forget, this is a race against time, you should smash your trailer against the corners rather then going back and forth neatly. At the end of the tracks parking has to be done in a certain direction. (not all tracks are possible with all vehicles, but the high score boards will show this)

Your view point is limited to the driver's seat. However your mirrors help a lot, and you can stick your head out of the window, and look back at your trailer(s), or at the front wheel near the edge. In practice mode you have adjustable third person view.

The online high score boards allow you to replay the winner's game. Unlike in the PC version, practice mode doesn't count in the high score boards, however you can change camera angle while watching replays to see how other players or you have suffered with the huge trucks.
03-31-2014, 11:05 AM
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Hmm for some reason I couldn't find a thread for this (even though it's an oldie)
I just picked it up and while it's pretty fun there's some things missing, it doesn't keep track of the levels you've finished, there all just open from the start, I'd have preferred to unlock them as I go or atleast have some kind of tick Mark to say which ones I'd completed, i know it's probably not going to get updated as it hasn't been updated in 2 years still it's a fun game for 69p
03-31-2014, 11:28 AM
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I find the controls, menus and lack of instructions somewhat disappointing. I don't really like the inside view, but I guess that's the main challenge of the game. I can see that in practice mode you can run through the levels in any camera view you want and this helps. Like oooooomonkey said, not a bad game for the price, but could really use some updates.