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Prairie Chute 1.1 Coming Soon!

08-17-2009, 05:53 PM
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Prairie Chute 1.1 Coming Soon!

Hello everyone, Prairie Chute v.1.1 is being submitted to Apple in the morning. Check out 1.0 today if you like humorous casual games that require skill and a touch of strategy! Prairie Chute was listed as a STP 10 to watch last week:


New Features Coming Soon in 1.1:

→ AGON powered local and global high scores. The scores button on the main menu will now link you to the AGON social network. Your existing Top Dog score and Long Drop will automatically be submitted when you upgrade, so get droppin’ today so you can rule the boards when the update goes live!

Each difficulty level has leader boards for both Dogs Landed (Score) and Longest Drop. You can choose to reveal your location and have your scores “Geotagged” to see how you stack up against the guy down the street, or on the other side of the world. Connect your profile with your Facebook or Twitter account and publish your top scores right from the game!

No hassles or new accounts to sign up for, just pick a unique username and you are ready to compete with the world. If you choose to keep things to yourself, AGON will allow you to keep your personal scores offline. This feature allows you to still display all your best scores, just not to the world.

This platform will allow us to incorporate some exciting updates in v.1.2 (coming soon) which will include Achievements and more!

→ A few new “Wally” (that’s the prairie dog’s name thanks to forum user pluto6 ☺) voice sounds for the main menu and randomly played when you successfully land a dog. Thanks to forum users Slapshot & skyye06 for their winning suggestions in a promo code give away!

→ More detailed Help (?) screen that better describes mechanics, scoring and key game play tips.

→ Performance enhancements and reduction of memory footprint.

Coming soon in v.1.2:

Extend your gaming experience by challenging your self to accomplish both the whimsical and impossible (well… not impossible ☺) with Achievements. Here are a few ideas that we are working with for the next update:

1. King Ripcord – successfully land 20 dogs on easy, medium and hard difficulties
2. Cactus Catcher – bounce back up on a cactus 5 times in a single round
3. Buzzard Bait – tap 100 buzzards
4. 1,000 Ways to Die – die in every possible way in the game

… and MORE!

08-18-2009, 03:28 PM
Joined: Jun 2009
Location: Murphy, TX
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Here are a few screenshots of the upcoming release:

AGON social network / high score interface: