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David Vitas - Professional Composer and Sound Designer Here to Help!

03-31-2014, 07:27 PM
Joined: Apr 2012
Location: Canada
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David Vitas - Professional Composer and Sound Designer Here to Help!

Hello! Check out my portfolio!

My name is David Vitas. Iíve been composing for 6 years, and playing the piano for 17. I graduated with honours from OIART, where I picked up awards for creativity and best radio spot. Audio is my passion, and I enjoy discovering, creating, and playing with new sounds daily. I like thinking outside the box when tackling my projects from a bunch of different angles!

I'm very proficient at making music that compliments any project or aesthetic style. As a sound designer, I enjoy making new sounds from scratch!

My music palette is very broad. I grew up on old Nintendo, Sega, and Sony hardware; therefore my inspiration stems from artists like Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda. I also enjoy artists like BT, Daft Punk, Stevie Wonder, and Muse.

What sets me apart from other composers and audio designers?

  • Piano - Since I compose on the piano, I always write all my tunes there first. This means that I can send you the actual composition so you can okay it before I make the full instrumental. It's like I'm sending you the sketch before the full painting.
  • Anti-Piracy - I pride myself in having a no piracy stance on all my gear. Every piece of software is fully licensed so you can rest easy when I work.
  • Rates - My rates are very reasonable and negotiable. I'm sure we can come to an agreement!
  • Time - My turn around time is very reasonable. I work good under pressure and can meet any deadline!
  • Professional - My work ethic is professional, but I'm also a very friendly and approachable guy. Shoot me a message!

If you want to strike up a project, visit my website and send me an Email.