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Misc news (08/17/2009)

08-17-2009, 06:04 PM
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Misc news (08/17/2009)

1.) Multiplayer games (see my all-in-one roundup & bible):

a. A brand new Scorched earth / Worms clone, KIL.A.TON, has just been released. It has lounge-based multiplayer (albeit, at the time of writing, it’s still empty, which may change in the future). A decent alternative to, for example, Star Hogs by IUGO and Iron Sight by Polarbit; particularly if you take into account that, in KIL.A.TON, you can have up to six players (while in Star Hogs “only” up to four, and, in Iron Sight, only two) . See THIS for more info.

b. iFPS is free now. Nevertheless, it’s not really that good.

c. I’ve played a lot with Reign of Swords Episode 2. Frankly, I didn’t find the graphics of the first part any good and, consequently, passed it. The second part seems to be a lot cooler. I’m still in the process of learning to play the game and playing through “A Timely Resuce” in the Sabbi Amar. Currently, at least in single player mode, it (EP 2) seems to be a keeper. I can’t really comment on the multiplayer functionality as yet; that is, how it compares to e.g. that of UniWar, which uses an excellent asynchronous approach. Some people stated it’s really nice in multiplayer – far better than the first episode. That is, it seems you can safely purchase this game if you’re bored with UniWar and want some challenge. I’ll later comment on whether EP2 can be mastered without playing EP1 first.

d. Unfortunately, it seems the excellent card-based strategy game Orions won’t receive any update

e. A new version of Galcon (one of the best multiplayer games) has been released:

2.) Instant messenger applications (my roundup is HERE): Palringo Lite, with the brand new, 2.1 version, has received, among other things, Push support:

In addition, the Premium version has been released for $5, with the following features:

I’ll try to post the updated chart covering the changes soon.

3.) Radio apps (roundup HERE): the price of Pocket Tunes Radio (one of the most recommended titles) has been decreased to $8.

4.) Web browsers (roundup HERE): a brand new, 1.7 version of iCab Mobile has just been released.

It introduces, among other things, configurable User-Agent strings. You can, currently, only switch in the global system Settings application, which means you’ll be forced to exit iCab Mobile entirely when you encounter a page needing another User-Agent. Note that if you have a jailbroken phone and use Backgrounder, you’ll also need to force iCab to completely exit in order for the new User-Agent to be used. (Plain page reloads won’t work.)

The new setting is at the bottom of the system-level iCab Mobile setting:

Upon tapping “Browser ID”, you’ll be presented the User-Agents you can select from:

All in all, the best Web browser has become even better - now, you won't need third-party browsers (up to now, Journey Web Browser or Spy) to visit Web sites not returning a page of your liking when you browse them with the factory default Safari.
08-17-2009, 09:22 PM
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