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App description: WARNING: If you get scared easily this game is not for you.

Great new indie horror game ! Scary as slender.. but not another slender-like!

First person perspective indie horror game. If you like Slender, or Eyes, you'll like it too.

A cool storyline that will make your skin crawl and make your bones shake as you play through.

You run away from home and steal your dads car. Trying to get some peace of mind, you camp in the forest. After having a nightmare, and seeing two large red eyes looking into your tent, the night takes a turn for the worse. Search an old, abandoned victorian house and try to piece back together the puzzle of what occurred in the house. - Bloody Paintings on the walls give you a glimpse into the horror that awaits for you inside "Lights Off" Play this game if you like to experience fear and deep horrifying atmospheres.

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04-01-2014, 08:41 AM
if you already own slender rising 1 and 2 just avoid this game, or if you don't own slender rising you better buy that one instead of this.
quick imps on this game: bad control and no option to customise the sensitivity, bad graphics, low texture, bad texture mapping, bad lighting, bad sound effect, not suitable music background, laughable ghost (i mean seriously? am i supposed to fear that 2 dimensional creature? etc, etc.

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