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The KWEST Launch Competition - Cool game & Prizes worth $500+

04-03-2014, 07:16 AM
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The KWEST Launch Competition - Cool game & Prizes worth $500+

Can you build the Tower of Wisdom?? Can you master the magic, win at the Brain Arena, and cross the Knowledge Path??

KWEST is a great and challenging game, with a number of mysteries, and a lot to discover… It will help you learn and train your brain, while you continually challenge yourself to achieve more. (More on KWEST Here: KWEST’s Main Introduction Page, and KWEST’s Appstore Link)

If you can do the above, There are many (MANY) opportunities to win a number of valuable prizes. The prizes include Cash gifts, Free Vouchers, and Discounts.

Prizes of the KWEST General Competition :

  • 1. The First Prize : One Winner, Gets:
  • - $160 + 9 Free Module Unlocks from the Think-Grow Knowledge Modules
  • 2. The Second Prize : Two Winners, Each Gets:
  • - $50 + 9 Free Module Unlocks from the Think-Grow Knowledge Modules
  • 3. The Third Prize : Three Winners , Each Gets:
  • - $25 + 9 Free Module Unlocks from the Think-Grow Knowledge Modules
  • 4. The Fourth Prize : Four Winners , Each Gets:
  • - 9 Free Module Unlocks from the Think-Grow Knowledge Modules
  • 5. The Fifth Prize : 10 Winners / Depending on the total number of participants in the competition, 10 participation with the highest UScores
  • - Might get a 60% Discount on up to 9 Think-Grow Knowledge Modules
  • 6. The Sixth Prize : The first 100 Correct Participations in the Competition
  • - will be eligible for a 30% Discount on Up to 9 Think-Grow Knowge Modules
  • 7. Participation Prize : The person with the highest referrals to the KWEST Competition
  • - $50 + 60% Discount on 9 Think-Grow Knowledge Modules
All verified participations in the General Competition Participating will be eligible to participate in the other two ongoing Competitions: The Brain Arena Jack Pot , and the Knowledge Path Jack Pot (Probably more than once). These two competitions will be announced on Think-Grow’s facebook page.

The Winners will be randomly selected from a group of participants whose participation is verified as correct, and who are shortlisted based on their UScore / Referrals / Review / etc…

Participating in the Competition:

  • 1. Download & Play KWEST –> Complete the Tower of Wisdom –> It will generate a Code
  • 2. Invite other people to join the competition ,
  • --> let them mention your name when they submit their participation in the competition
  • 3. Review/Rate KWEST on the Appstore –> You will need your apple Username used in the form
  • 4. Fill in the Competition Form Here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1j59...T8U0g/viewform

Rules & Guidelines:

  • - Every Player can participate only once and Must include the correct code generated by the Tower of Wisdom in his participation. The code will be used for verification.
  • - The Competition will Run from Early April to Late June. Final Results will be announced by Mid-July.
  • - Make sure that the People you refer to the competition fill your name in the specified place in the form.
  • - A maximum of one win is allowed per person. If you qualify for one of the Jack Pots, and Win a prize there, you will be given the choice of whether to take your prize or remain in the competition.

This is a competition that aims at informing people about KWEST, and getting them to engage with its content. KWEST is a very informing and challenging game, with a lot of advantages and benefits. The competition should not be the motive behind playing KWEST.. It’s just an ‘extra’ !

For further questions, stay in touch with us on this thread or via our facebook page (www.facebook.com/Think.Grow). There might be two more contests in parallel with this one, based on the inputs that we'll get.