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App description: Become a Lightspeed Hero as you dip and dodge your way through impending doom! Skillfully navigate your spaceship through a barrage of colorful asteroids and collect space medals that will be the envy of the entire universe. Are you brave enough to accept the most addictive mission of a lifetime?

How to be a hero:

- Tap to boost your ship through space

- Avoid the Asteroids

- Climb the leaderboards and become the universe's greatest hero!

Email - development@squideogames.com

Bronxsta's comments:

Your score is determined by how long you manage to survive, so the more asteroids you successfully avoid, the higher your score will be. There are no power-ups of any kind or in-app purchases, so the game is all about your tapping skills and reflexes. The game also comes with full Game Center support for leaderboards, so you can compete locally with your friends and all over the world. If youre good enough, you can also earn medals to represent your boosting prowess.

I wasnt a big fan of the Flappy Bird madness, as that was painfully frustrating. Lightspeed Hero is fairly similar, but it has enough differences, such as letting you know when asteroids are coming in and their size, to make it more enjoyable. Plus, your score isnt contingent on how many asteroids you avoid, but just how long you last, so its a bit more forgiving. And as a bonus, the visuals, music, and sounds are much nicer.