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App description: ResumeQuest is the ultimate employment simulator!

Are you unemployed, under-employed or a deadbeat dad, mother, son or daughter? This is the simulation app for you!

Try to get a job - pft! Good luck, you're practically unemployable. Now you can experience all the horror of your real life on the iPhone!


- Fake email
- Fake job interviews
- Day and night
- Pretending to buy stuff
- Pretending to drive around
- Remember or forget things
- Simulated rejection
- Large download
- Ennui (simulated)
- Bad graphics (will be updated ladder)
- Type in your own name or a swear word
- No pets
- Typos
- Otter stuff!

MrMalm's comments:

Hi y'all,

A few people might remember my world unrenowned game BASICAL or the free version BASICAL Free.

A couple of months before making BASICAL I quit my lucrative job as a slumlord on the east coast and decided to move out to the Pacific Northwest to mine bitcoins. Well, my mining rig caught fire and found myself completely destitute, so while I looked for another job I thought to myself, "This is possibly one of the worst experiences a person could have in life, maybe I should make a game about it!".

I started writing my first iPhone game even though I basically knew nothing about it. I'd written a couple of dumb minecraft mods so how hard could it be?

After three months and hundreds of hours of working on this game I got a real job and didn't have 14 hours a day to code anymore, so I made and released BASICAL (the game you all know and love (Wormy!)), which was a much less ambitious project I was able to work on four or five hours a night after being in a cubicle all day.

Anyway, at some point I just released ResumeQuest as the unfinished piece of garbage it was for $0.99 because it was my first game and as much as I put my unemployed heart and soul into it, I believe it was more of a learning experience than anything.


The reason I'm posting a thread about this buggy-unfinished game is that I recently made it free to play (completely free (sux I have to say that)) so hopefully some people could check it out and say, "Hey, maybe making a game about finding a job wasn't a great idea in the first place".

Honestly, I think there are some mildly interesting mechanics to check out for a few minutes. Some of them seem like bugs, others are bugs - well whatever.

Please do not ever expect this game to get updated at this point, but I hope someone can find some enjoyment with what is there.
04-09-2014, 05:29 AM
Joined: Dec 2013
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BTW, if anyone wonders why the answers don't match up to the questions during the job interviews it's because you haven't slept for two days before going to the interview, which also affects your driving ability. It's a simulation.

If your education is high enough you can see the answers in the corner. Appearance, sex, previous job experience are all factors.

If you want to start the game with extra cash put in the developers name.

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