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App description: On April 1st 2014, the earth was invaded by the great grandfather alien Oyajius and his armada from the galaxy of Oyadius.

Being April Fool's Day, people around the world thought it was a hoax.
That soon proved to be false, when the first wave hit, around lunch time.

The world united against this evil threat.and after a year of war, we won.

Oyajius vowed he would be back to finish what he started.
Then the next day, Oyajius returned. With 99% of the world's armed forces destroyed, the majority of mankind gave up and succumbed to Oyajius.

Mankind's future was unknownuntil now...

Rumors spread of a secret organization called U.D.O.N. Lead by Japan's top programmer and ramen enthusiast, Dr. Takezo Yamato, the group has been developing a secret weapon, "The 30 Dot Solution" to help take back the earth!