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App description: Dungeon of the Dragon Lords is a retro roguelike romp through thirteen levels to defeat the evil dragon lords who lay in wait in the depths below. You play a lone adventurer and must battle your way through many deadly foes, accumulating enough experience levels and items (of which there are MANY) to finally be able to defeat them. This is not an action or arcade game. Features include:
* six pregenerated characters or create your own from eight classes and six races
* nearly a hundred spells
* over a hundred fully animated enemies to battle
* countless items which grant attack bonuses, special attacks, resistances to various effects you might be afflicted with and many, many other attributes
* dozens of skills, including eight spheres of magic, stealth, magical devices, dodge and so on
* light and food are important commodities that you must ensure you have enough of
* equipped items and armor show up on your fully animated in-game character when you change them
* lots of statistics and monster/item info at your fingertips
* a detailed complex role playing system built in
* over 25,000 individual sprite frames of animation
* continually updated with additional content
04-07-2014, 09:03 PM
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I haven't had a chance to play this and won't for a while so I can't tell the quality, but I refuse to ever overlook a roguelike! Hopefully it's decent and the graphics are the only thing a little rough round the edges. Cheers people!