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Everything but programming?

04-07-2014, 10:00 PM
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Everything but programming?

Tell me if I am just being a dummy here: I am working on an app company that does almost all but the programming.

That is, finding new, raw games a developer made and if it has potential the next step is working with the developer on things like UX, level design, upgrading graphics (potentially via a freelancer). On top of that I have experience in things like game theory, addictive behavior influence (i.e. IAP encouraging game design), psychology and the like.

I also have experience in marketing (with seed/budget), PR, social media marketing, SEO and the so on.

Am I barking up a wrong tree that developers would even want this or do most think they do those things just fine, much less need a marketing, strategy, publishing company to help them and split profits?

I used to program before I moved over to the dark side of marketing and know it can be a totally different mindset and some developers know their weaknesses, but does it have a chance as a business model?