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Undeadz Greenlight!

04-08-2014, 06:00 PM
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Undeadz Greenlight!

Undeadz! is an open world Zombie Survival game with a retro art style developed by 1 person!
See how long you can survive in a Zombie infested open world! Search all buildings inside and out, finding items that will help you survive longer and basically have a blast killing zombies! There are various weapons, scattered food items and tools! Don't forget to scavenge for fuel and parts to operate the various vehicles in the world!

Just a few of the items in the world:
Crowbars, which can be used to open locked doors when you aren't crackin' a zombies skull!
Guns, pistols and machine guns!
Chainsaw, chop trees for useful wood to build camp fires!
Flame throwers, it's kinda fun to watch the zombies run around on fire!
Land mines, watch them zombies pop, but be very careful with them!
And of course, Chickens, you never know when you'll need a diversion!

Help me get it on Steam!! Click link below to vote!