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App description: Four absolute retro classic tabletop arcade machines in this one collection guaranteed to take you back to your childhood. With bright fluorescent graphics, simulated display, genuine retro blips and bleeps, simplicity and addictive old school gaming. All these games have had their meticulous details emulated to almost perfection (some minor changes).
" If you are a retro arcade die hard fan this is a must!"
In a distant time, not too long ago, before the internet and mobile phones; arcade games of the 70's and 80's were beautifully simple and addictive. Imagine going back in time to see your old games (or your friends' old games you couldn't have!) Now you can own some of the best handheld/tabletop games of that era in this awesome retro collection.
Scramble (also known as Astro Command) , Missile Invader, Frogger and Galaxy Invader are some of the best tabletop games. Made by companies like CGL, Grandstand, Tandy, Epoch, Entex and Tomy to name but a few. Now these games have been brought back from distant and forgotten memories to the 21st century. Nostalgic but fun for all ages! Check the screenshots to see how accurate these are!

Better value then obtaining these as individual apps
Accurate simulations of the machines
Full retro sounds
Totally nostalgic
i-Cade support
Keep track of scores of all levels on the 4 VFD games
Super combined score of all games to prove how hard core retro fan you are
Scores automatically update to Game Center if logged in

To play each device simply click on the machine you want to play then turn it on

NOTE: To use iCade controller, press iCade button once loaded a game.
Pressing this without connection to a controller will bring up the keyboard. Press the button again to turn it off.

psj3809's comments:

The second collection is now out, includes..

Missile Invader
Galaxy Invader (the white version)

I've already got all these games but its quite cool to have them all in one app, plus the dev gets more money so i hope that means more tabletop games !

Well worth picking up if you remember these old classics from the early 80's. Also all these games are iCade compatible, they're VERY cool playing them full screen on an ipad on your icade.
04-10-2014, 09:17 AM
Thank you for the post.
I would also like to add, that for Game Center fans, all games and all levels have hi-scores, plus a super score for grand total.
04-10-2014, 12:18 PM
The handheld game I want most is Cosmic Combat:

I play Glorkian Warrior because I am the Glorkian Warrior.
04-10-2014, 01:23 PM
That looks just like a less advanced galaxy invader 1000. There are quite a few similar games like this. Cosmic invader , sonic invader. Basically the same but different formations and sound effects.
Could easily be done . Never heard of that one myself though
04-10-2014, 01:30 PM
I feel like the alien designs are cooler looking in Cosmic combat.

I play Glorkian Warrior because I am the Glorkian Warrior.