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App description: Ever wish you were the bad guy for once? Want to play the demon?

Theres an opening for a demonic Gold Keeper in this app. If you relish killing thieving villagers, then you may just be perfect for the position.

The good news is that you have gold in your cave, lots of it. Bad news is that those no good commoners from the nearby village want to steal it from you. Your job is to protect your fortune, no matter what. If a few crooked villagers die in the process, so be it. You dont care, youre a demon. Demons have no remorse or conscience. In fact, you have a sign at the entrance of your cave that warns the nasty crooks Violators will be killed! Survivors will be killed again! That pretty much sums up what your duties are as Gold Keeper demon.

One word of caution about these violating settlers they can become more powerful. Dont turn your back on these rogues for long or your job will become a little bit tougher.

Gold Keeper outfits you with three great weapons to use as you please. Kill, maim, whatever you like. Each weapon gives you a different experience, so you may want to switch from time to time, just for fun. If your victim is standing in the right location, you may even fling him against your screen and crack it. Players have been known to engage in maniacal laughter when this happens, heady with demon power.

Its easy for you to get into character on your iPhone or iPod Touch with the 3D imaging of this game. The life-like graphics help you to imagine yourself swinging the giant axe and the sound of the dying bandits will fill your demon heart with glee.

So, what do you say? Are you bad enough to be the demon? Theres only one way to know for sure. Take a deep breath and get started.


"For a dollar this is worth its weight in gold. Youve got an amazing little game that will give you those quick bursts of game play that we all need from time to time." - Appversity.com

"Gold Keepers style may be simple, but it's unique and hilarious in a dark way. We definitely recommend picking it up, and if anyone asks you what youre doing, just tell them youre playing the bad guy for once" - slidetoplay.com

"Worth Its Weight In Gold!!! Youll get those OMG THAT WAS AWESOME moments when playing this game and laugh in hysteria when you fling a guy right into your screen" - nodpad.com

"Gold Keeper has succeeded in keeping me entertained randomly for a few minutes at a time. The fantasy theme makes it stand out from the herd." - toucharcade.com

"Play as the Financially Responsible Demon" - osxreality.com

touchreviews.net "Impressive 3D Graphics and High Action Game"

"I absolutely want to see more of what the devs can create in the future, the art has a very characteristic appeal to it." - TA forum


- Perfect 3D-graphics and animation
- Merry voiceovers
- Non-stop gameplay which never bores and keeps you deeply in the game
- Online leaderboard
- Three weapon types, each with its own animation and sound

The game is recommended to all fans of the survival action genre.

Gameplay video: http://tinyurl.com/goldkeeper

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LordGek's comments:
Gold Keeper is out!


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Once AppInfo recognizes the app you'll see the details.

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the link works for me. good game?

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damn you gek just about to post my own

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Use the devs thread

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It was a simul post but the developer's is a LOT nicer.

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