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App description: There are hundreds of legends about mythological monsters who live in places almost forgotten. People says that there is a forest populated by strange creatures, in a place not marked on any map. You impersonates a hunter in search of glory, determined to discover the mysteries of this forbidden forest, but, will you be able to
come back alive?

Relive the excitement of a game known to history as one of the first survivor horrors for the Commodore 64 and Atari in this remake for iOS.
Play in two available modes: discover the mystery that the forest hides through the arcade mode, or try to survive as long as possible in survivor mode.

Please support indipendent works buying this one-man-made game, if you wish you can download the PC version (free) from our web site.

Vovin's comments:

Hmm... A C64-Forgotten Forest-hommage?

Cinematic Trailer:

04-11-2014, 02:31 PM
friendly suggestion : DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! just try their demo on their website and you'll know why.

ps. the trailer is very misleading.

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