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Old 04-12-2014, 07:26 AM
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Default BoomTown!!

First off, I love Threes but I'm not so much of a 2048 fan. BoomTown plays with a different set of rules but falls closer to Threes than 2048.

Bonuses: If you want to play dangerously, you can get big bonuses by trying to group a 2x2 grid of 1s or 3s together. 1s turn into 4s and 3s turn into 16s to get you out of a jam.

FreeTiles: These let you change the board a little by changing a 1 or 3 into a 4. You get a limited set to start. Every 10 minutes you get another one. Eventually you run out and can refill by video ad.

Woah!! wait a second... that's total pay to win. Its only pay to win if you can play perfect and/or predict the future. If so, I want to meet you!

The Next tile: The next tile will always be a 1,3, or 4. Never something higher. This makes the game harder knowing that you won't get any help once you've built up a lot of high numbers.

Once you run out of moves, you'll get to see your final town built up.

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