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App description: Embark in a economic strategy game like never before on the App Store. Electrium is a global economic space trading game.

- Start up your own space mining company.
- Mine valuable elements not found on Earth.
- Save up resources to build more ships.
- Upgrade ships with powerful upgrades.
- Buy and sell elements on a global market. Learn to buy low and sell high to maximize profits.
- Earn a spot on the stock exchange, letting other players bid for your company's value.
- Bid on other companies to gain a stake in their revenue!
- Cloud based interactions: Never lose progress because of a reformat or restore!
- Leaderboards that can't be hacked!

Since Electrium is a global game, it requires an internet connection to play.

Obliviam's comments:
Hi Touch Arcade,

My first attempt at iOS gaming is today manifested in a game called Electrium.

Electrium is a space trading game that has three core areas: Ships & Missions, A resource market, and a stock market.

Ships are a solo game -- you run missions to gather several resources. These resources build more ships.
The resource market is a global multiplayer market -- Here you can buy and sell resources to get what you need or sell what you have too much of. The prices on the market are the same prices all players see.
The stock market is an equity market which is fully multiplayer - Blind bid on other companies playing the game with the goal to be one of the top bidders. The top bidders get to profit off the company's earnings for the next day.

Electrium is a game solely made by me. I have been playing around the idea behind this game for a couple of years now. Areas of limitation for this game are definitely in graphics. Its mostly a game of timers (sorry if timers aren’t your thing). The timers take a back seat to the idea that the game is incredibly deep in the economic strategy of it.

Here's what Electrium doesn't have:
  • No required digital currencies that are only purchased through in app purchases.
  • No Gems that make timers speed up. The game is not to be won through who pays the most money.
  • No hard paywalls -- you can play all aspects of the game without buying the one in-app purchase, some of those areas are just in a more limited manner.
  • No ads.
  • No popups.
  • No begging for a review
  • No spamming notifications like "Your city is missing you, why don't you come back and play".

I come asking that you give this experiment of mine a shot. Its completely free and has one modest in-app purchase that is no where close to required. All those items in the list above are the things that frustrate me most about iOS gaming these days, and there wasn't a chance that I'd find myself making a game trying to exploit those.

I’d be happy to monitor this thread to answer any questions anyone has. I’ve pushed two updates so far that are full of community based requests. I want to build this game in a way that the community that plays it would enjoy the most.

Have fun.