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App description: Beret Bird - Remove Flappy!
Annoying cloned birds known as "flappies" have invaded your home, and are cloning themselves at an alarming rate. You are Beret Bird, get rid of the birds using your trusty AK-47 or even a Napalm Thrower or a Minigun!


Kill as many of the annoying birds as you can, and show who is the most angry of all the birds! Avoid touching the birds, either dead or alive, for they carry a rare virus known as "cuteus maximus", a strain of the bird flu virus that will kill you instantly. Also airstrikes and rusty artillery barrels sticking out of the ground and air(?) are trying to stop you, but you must prevail and remove the flappy annoying creatures for good! Purchase Pro version and you will get a Minigun that will help you pulverize the birds!


"Loved the game! The bird is indeed a formidable enemy, so unpredictable..."
- Joe Stalling

"The birds are tough, the missile technology advanced... Excellent entertainment!"
- Rudolf Koetler

"I hate birds. That's why I loved this game!"
- Moe Cashing

"Wow! Much action!"
-Il Doge

"Probably the best game with birds wielding assault rifles on the market"
- The author of this game

Tested with: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S

This game is highly satirical and all characters and animals appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, to events, current or past, or to other video games, on or off the market, is purely coincidental.

No birds, mammals or other living creatures were harmed during the making or playing of this game.


Hagakure's comments:
Hi TouchArcaders,

I just published a game called Beret Bird, where you shoot yellow clone birds known as "flappies" with an AK-47. You can also get a napalm thrower and a mini gun if you go pro

It's a pretty fun game with a twisted sense of humor, and best of all it's FREE so give it a try!