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WWP - Working Title

04-15-2014, 08:07 AM
WWP - Working Title

It's been a while! In 2009 I started my company Phure Studios and made CatSpin and Chefs Attack. I was so happy when CatSpin was even marketed by Apple on the frontpage of the App Store.

Right now, Phure Studios has a new game on it's way to iPhone and iPad with the working title of WWP. It's almost in Beta and might need some testers soon as well

For now, I would love to just post some screenies here and share that it's a game where you have to wake up as many penguins as possible. The babysitting parent-penguins come and check out their baby-penguins, but as soon as they arrive they fall asleep as well.

So it's up to you to basically slap a penguin into the group with the red paddle you see in the screenshots and wake em all up together! The more you wake up, the bigger the score at the end of each round... and there's more!

You get a score which is 10x higher than usual if you can make a parent penguin wake up another parent penguin... I mean, come on: sleeping on the job? Tsk, tsk, tsk...

The scores keep going up, even after everybody is awake <3 Pushing penguins around has never been so much fun <3 Kekeke...

Phure Studios, developer of CatSpin; featured by Apple on US App Store and mentioned in numerous New and Noteworthy and What's Hot - lists

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