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O-C3D - an ObjC rendering engine (free, open source)

04-16-2014, 11:46 PM
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O-C3D - an ObjC rendering engine (free, open source)

I am developing a rendering engine for OpenGL-ES 2/3.

The rendering engine is used in a game we have just released (Darwin's Nightmare, aka The Strain). The game we released is 2D, in contrast the demo shipping with the library shows that 3D is of course supported as well.

Some characteristics/features:

- Low level API.
- Providing clean Objective C to help accessing OpenGL functionality.
- Make it easy to write simple OpenGL applications (2D/3D) with good performance.
- Provide a good foundation for writing your own scene-graph oriented / high level API. But keep in mind this is NOT a high level API.
- It's intended as a rendering engine, nothing else. I know that a lot of people want a swiss army knife ( Unity3D? Unreal? ). But there are people that want a small library that does a job, and something they can easily build on to make their own stuff.

API is free, open source. Currently have no prospect on monetising this, I'm just curious to see who might be interested in it, and I have a hope that feedback would help me improve the library.

You can find a little more info on my blog, along with URL for SVN repo etc...

O-C3D article on my blog

If somebody would suggest a name for this library it would be nice.

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