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App description: Ah is the alien of Ah planet, It seems like Ahs warp drive encounter some problem, translate the Ahs spaceship to a planet that shrouded in the ancient force. Ahs ship will crash when hit the mysterious stone pillars, even the ship is extremely tough. Ahs autopilot system is failure too, now is switch to the "mouth pilot". Please shout Ah to control the ship, dodge the stone pillars. Live long and prosper!

* Indie Game - made by 1 guy in financial crisis

* Voice Control - play the game by shout Ah

Q1.When first time enter the game prompt the permission to access microphone.
A: Please allow Crash of Ah to access your microphone, Ah need it to control the ship.

Q2.How should I do when I deny the permission to access microphone.
A: Please enable microphone access for Ah in iOS system: Settings / Privacy / Microphone.

Q3: When enter the game, I cant start the start or control the ship.
A: You can try these steps to solve the problem: Please make sure your microphone is work properly. - Make sure the microphones permission is enable(Described in Q2). - Close the game and reopen it. - reboot the device and open the game.

Q4:According the above answers, I still cant play the game properly.
A: Im sorry to that happen. Please contact me: prosperlong@live.com and please live the information about your problems: what is the phenomenon of your problem. How to reproduce the problem. what is your device information that encounter the problem(Such as: iPhone5s iOS 7.1). I will try to solve the problem as possible.

Q5:Could I give you some suggest?
A: Im very appreciate your suggest. You could live your suggest in review or send me a mail(prosperlong@live.com). I will not accept all of your suggest but I will really seriously consider your suggest, and thanks to your support :)

czyang's comments:
Play the game by shout "Ah"!

For more infomartion: http://codingmelody.com/crash-of-ah.html

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It's the free game, you guys should try :)

Free game, worth a try