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[In development] Little Conquest 2

04-24-2014, 07:09 PM
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[In development] Little Conquest 2

Hi guys,
we want to let you know we're working on a sequel to our first game, Little Conquest.
A little history:
After losing the battle against you at the end of the first campaing, the Egyptian Pharaoh is imprisoned in hell by the greek gods.
200 years have passed, and suddenly a mysterious figure appears at the prison gates: It's the master druid. The same one who guided you in the final Egyptian defeat, now is advising you to release the forgotten hero.
It's not an easy task, but as you'll find out, the Pharaoh has become a key piece in a much complicated war scenario, one involving the future of mankind.
You'll have the help of the fateful Egyptian gods (forever in war against the greek ones), the master druid and the mighty army of your warrior's lost souls. You must escape the underworld, defeat every foe in your path and help humanity to shape its destiny, for a future confrontation with the unknown.
Some screenshots of selected levels (click to enlarge):

Little Conquest expands on the original gameplay with new focus on army handling and total control over how you experience it: You can control the pace, the difficulty level, including the visual feedback and the basic controls.

You will have to defeat powerful foes and level bosses, while fighting against the local inhabitants of avernus.
We have incorporated most of the fan suggested features, while keeping the original spirit of the game.

Little Conquest 2 will be delivered in several chapters, featuring different parts of the classic greek underworld, each with its own enemies and bosses (the first one will be about 30 levels).
Little Conquest 2 will also feature direct control over your main character (the warrior Pharaoh) who now has the ability to directly attack enemies and cast powers to affect how the battle evolve. He can also be freely re positioned in the battlefield, giving you a new strategic element to plan your battles.

The buildings in the sequel also are overhauled, you can attach offensive and defensive perks to them (for example a protective archer who fires incoming enemies, or additional forces when attacking an enemy building, etc.).

We're working hard on this sequel, and also in new campaigns for the original (which is now free for iOS and android) but we have confidence in what we have so far will be very welcome by the fans of the original.

And now, some wallpapers rendered only with in-game assets and characters

04-24-2014, 09:36 PM
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I loved the first, an it looks like this will improve the formula in just about every way
04-29-2014, 07:35 PM
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Thanks! We're working hard to make it fun!
for instance, we just added portals. Still this game is NOT better than portal
Also we're experimenting with moving enemies and they are working great, so that will add greater deep to the strategy.
We'll keep you posted