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App description: It's a game of Jumping - you need to make it snappy.

It is totally new concept game of jumping. You are not jumping up to avoid obstacle, but jumping to the sides on clovers. - That make you impossible to pass.

Get it now: and you will find the difference of clovers and dying clovers.

Why the ant is annoying? And the reverse is something new.

Also: the Ferris wheel is not something sweet but nightmare.

Good Luck! And hope you are not hate this game. We are just show you how things can be different.

In 80 levels, the game is getting challenging and crazy. You will surprise yourself.

You aim is to jump on the monster's back to take out the Thorn.

-Short Game 1 minute a level
-Easy control. Just tap & swipe.
-5 worlds 80 Levels.
-Game Center Leaderboards
-Kamcord: Now you can record and share gameplay replays with your friends!
-Support iOS4.3 or up(and Retina Pics for New iPad)

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Alexchenzhifu's comments:
If the Pixel Bird drove you crazy. What I introduce following will destroy you. 💩It's a totally new concept game. You need to act fast and smart enough to solve puzzles. Because it's an action-puzzle game.

You can download by:

The game is Three Clovers - Adverture To Mushroom Kingdom. It's easy to control but much more difficult to pass. The background story is motive. Three clovers winessed a magic thorn from out of the sky turn a mushroom into evil. With a rotating 💩blade, 💩the evil destroying the kingdom pieces. The three clovers decided to help the brave mushroom girl - Kikki to save the kingdom, by taking out the magic thorn.

By rotating, clovers blow Kikki up fast, then drop down. You aim is swipe to let Kikki jump to the side you swipe to, so that Kikki can avoid the blade to jump down on the evil to take out the thorn.

The control is easy, but difficult to jump on the right places. For the up-down turn is very fast, you always jump Kikki on the wrong places.

something drives you crazy is that once you familiar with the control. Dyinging clovers introduce. They will pull you down the hell again. Dying clovers dies after a rotate then you need a new place to hold Kikki or she will die.

Serious, annoying ant introduces to the game. He will hold umbrella to stop Kikki taking out the thorn. The ant is very funny, he wll fold or unfold the umbrella after your every action. You need to jump Kikki on the evil while the umbrella is fold.

If lucky enough you pass opening 3 worlds. Following come the reverse outlet and bubbles, Ferris wheel and soap. They will drive you to remove the game - they seams beyond controls.

If you loving playing easy games, Three Clovers is not a choice. But, if you like challenging, Three Clovers is one of these.💩
04-25-2014, 05:21 AM
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It should be a standard feature that you can turn on/off in-game music and sound effects separately in all games