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What kind of tech gadgets can I incorporate?

04-26-2014, 03:22 AM
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What kind of tech gadgets can I incorporate?

I run a small house flipping business in Austin, TX. I typically have 3-4 homes under my supervision at a time, each worth roughly $100,000-150,000. I am looking for cool ways to make them stick out in the minds of potential buyers.
For example, I once saw a house where a painting could be electronically retracted to reveal a TV behind it. That house stuck out in the people’s minds and even if they couldn’t remember any other details of all the other houses, they will remember that house as “the one with the TV hidden behind the painting.”

I don’t need anything quite so elaborate- just some inexpensive ideas to incorporate that will make the homes more memorable. The gadget/device doesn’t even have to be particularly useful- just memorable.

Thanks in advance!