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App description: So I was sketching this new character, Generic Marine G to his friends, (hey, Im an artist, not a writer, okay). I set him up with a jetpack and a laser, and he was just boosting along, when SUDDENLY, MARTIANS WERE INVADING MY NOTEPAD! Quickly, I drew some power-ups, a whole new range of weapons, and that was it the fight for Earth was ON!

In this fast and furious hand-drawn shooter, take on the alien horde in an addictive side-scrolling romp through a hilarious, Mars Attacks!-style battle for the fate of humanity.

Inkvaders features an awesome cartoony, hand-drawn 1950s graphical style in keeping with its comic-action genre, made all the more entertaining by its seamless, perfectly-fitting combat, movement and death animations, and its many smart, humorous touches.

You will find this game hard to put down, and with 30 levels across 3 different terrains and countless upgrades for three different classes of weapon, you wont have any reason to put it down for a long, long time! Get stuck in its time to make those Martians PAY! And just when you think youre done, discover the Endurance Mode and settle down for some more challenging, alien-blasting fun!

The level of polish of Inkvaders its perfectly balanced gameplay, addictive replayability, pounding catchy soundtrack and thought-out controls all set it at the top of its genre in the Appstore. And once youve perfected your skills and youve bagged all the games Achievements, get in on the fully-integrated AGON leaderboards and top your friends high scores!

The alien invasion has begun, and theres only one hand-drawn Generic Marine who can stop it! At this price, the question isnt WHETHER you should buy it, but HOW QUICKLY!

"The controls are superb... Graphically, this game impresses as well. ...Killing aliens results in an abundance of gore that is very satisfying" SlideToPlay

"Inkvaderss graphics are more than I could have ever asked for... and Inkvaders doesn't fail to deliver a perfectly balanced game... entertaining, visually appealing, and just plain fun" No DPad

"The colors of the game are fantastic and youll find yourself laughing a bit just at the overall look of the game. The sounds in the game are also top notch. Amazing that this is only a buck to purchase." AppVersity

"TiG feel like gaming thieves, sneaking into Chillingo's offices and stealing Inkvaders at this price." TouchiPhoneGames

"Right from the word go they show their tongue-in-cheek humor... Not only is the artistic style and quality high, but so are the sound and gameplay." GamersDailyNews

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Originally Posted by fenrir911 View Post
Inkvaders, what a beautiful game, simple game. Its fun and enjoyable with its nice artwork, it keeps me coming back to it.

Graphics: OHHHHH this is wear this game shines. Its outlandish artwork is so great. The artwork features a paper drawn style, with a background, a midground, and a foreground, the game just looks amazing. The cartoony gore and the animations are smooth to the point of satisfaction, and not to mention the midground animations too. The game sports some quirky drawn signs that feature some funny sayings. Although the game anly features 3 basic settings, Moon base, Military base, and the City, the landscapes are diverse enough for a game of this magnitude. (not to mention price)

Difficulty: Oh Yes! the difficulty... The game has three different modes, each one vamping up the difficulty. We have easy mode, which is well... super easy. Normal mode, which is nothing to crazy or hectic, this mode is quite easy if you have played this type of game, and last but not least, hard mode. Hard mode is the only mode I play in now because it is the most challenging. In hard mode you get less money than you do in medium and easy mode, you also get more enemies and they take more hits to kill than in easy or medium. This means, you spend more bullets, and make less money, chalenging, YES. I love the challenge in hard mode it seems to be what keeps me coming back to this game. I think I have invested well over 14 hours just playing endurance mode.

Story: The story is told in a notebook, which is very unique. The story is 30 "pages" and basicly consists of you fighting the enemies through these "pages". There seems to be no real storyline in place as of yet. All we know is that your some guy who started out in space, heads down to Earth, then fights his way through a city. There is no dialougue (or monologue for this case) no indication as to why hes realy going there, or how the world came to like this, all we know is that your some guy named G whos killing aliens. That does not detract from the game however, as a pick up & play game i did not intend for it to have a storyline, or a hint at one. The game is fun nontheless and enjoyable.

Sound: Another part where this game excels in is sound. It sports different soundtracks for each stage, and they are a blast to listen too, i find myself listening to the game music more than my music. If you do get annoyed by the music however, you can open your ipod playlist and choose one of your songs. The guns sound loud and powerful, and the exploding brains make a noise too. Overall the sound just compliments the graphics perfectly.

Gameplay: The gameplay is rather simple, you kill aliens and collect rock to gain money, you use the money to buy upgrades for your weapons, you get to the end of the level. Simple enough, but this game builds upon that concept by adding a jetpack, and a rush sequence. In every level their is a box with an 'R' wich will start a sequence that makes every enemy super fast, super vulnerable, do alot of damage and come from both sides, a Rush mode.
The jetpack also adds another level of depth, sort of like your last resort to get away from the action. The aliens cannot touch you if you are mid flight, nor do they follow you. You also use your jetpack to pick up the moonrocks to gain more money. Most everything else in this game is standard for this genre, upgrading weapons and what not.
The levels are simplistic at best, linear. With the addition of the jetpack i was hoping for some extras, like secondary areas and hidden stuff.

Overall: 5/5, The game went overboard with the graphics, and with the dev being active on these forums and listening to the suggestions some of us have given, i believe this game will only get better.

(The dev of this game has said he will consider bosses, which is something i look forward too, and an insane mode would be gracious too )
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You really wanted to make sure you were the first to post this? Or is this just a joke???

EDIT: K, nevermind! This is awesome!

First post. lol (always wanted to say that!)

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I was just getting an awkward craving for this.

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Wait a sec
Times up

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Whoa was I late to the party?!.. =)

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I'm downloading it now.

If the link does not work yet try make an iTunes search like I did.

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I'm buying now!

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Someone hook me up with a video before I buy it please.

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I was just getting an awkward craving for this.
So was I... Still wondering if I should get this with $2.49 left in my account. Hmmm. Sure! What the heck! But my last 99c is going to geoDefense Swarm.

and lastly we have the abu sayaf and MILF, two terrorist factions in the Philippines, and iv yet to see any fruits of labor from the government concerning these terrorist threats.
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There's a MILF terrorist faction? Awesome! Sign me up.