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App description: Frumbers.
The world where the hero is itself the result. Where your worst enemy is a zero pumpkin. Where tomatoes shoot minuses at you. In the world of Frumbers, all you have to do is to not become a zero.

Just don't touch the pumpkins. They will turn you into a zero. Don't fall into pits and don't get minuses. Thats it! Now let yourself in and take your best shot! Score your highest number!

This is not a joke. This is real life... for Frumbers.

- More than 100 unique obstacles.
- Amazing graphics and animations.
- Four power-ups.

In future updates:
More enemies and obstacles!

LXB's comments:

Check out our new game!
It's called Frumbers!

Platform: iOS (Universal)
Developer: White Zebra
Frumbers on Facebook

This is an endless runner where you have to pass the obstacles to achieve the best result, which happens to be the hero itself. A score is gained by collecting pluses that are inserted into obstacles.
The game would be interesting for the player not only by gaining a high score. All obstacles on the way are distance-dependent. So with the distance, new obstacles appear.

Four power-ups are great for gaining the highest score.
The setting is innovative and creative. The characters have a lot of charisma. Colorful and cute graphics will not disturb and will be friendly to the eye.
The controls of the game are sensitive. The player uses his best skills to squeeze through the gaps between pumpkins and jump over the pits. Some of the obstacles have a puzzle component and require the player to think to pass them.

The game would be suitable for people of any age. Playing it will keep you tense; however, this very feeling will also sustain your interest and make you start playing over and over.

Best regards,