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App description: A game where the objective is to fly through the hoops, controlling your airplane by tilting your iphone/ipod/ipad backwards and forwards. How many hoops can you fly through?

snowleopard8's comments:
Allow me to introduce the wondrous, fun, and insanely addictive Through the Hoops, displayed in the attachment.

Control your airplane by tilting your iPhone/iPod touch up and down, and try to align yourself with the oncoming and moving hoops, as you collect points and achieve higher and higher scores!

Warning: At first, this game is challenging. The game mechanic is simple, but as with all new skills, difficult at first. However, with a little practice, you'll find yourself constantly improving, seeing your high score become higher and higher. Anybody can earn 150 plus points, or go from an average score of four to forty. If you find out a method to score more points, such as watch all the hoops at once, or tilt smoothly, I encourage you to post any tips to this forum or to the comment section on Through The Hoops page.

Happy gaming!

edit: It should be noted this is not a flappy bird clone, the game mechanic is completely different.