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App description: Pelé: King of Football is a new soccer experience with streamlined gesture controls, featuring the legend himself! Follow in Pelés footsteps in career mode and work your way from the backstreets of Brazil all the way up to the grandeur of the World Stage.

For head-to-head competition, enable the multiplayer mode and test your skill level against some of the worlds best challengers. Winner takes home some precious crowns. For even further competition, play Pelé Blitz and pit yourself against your friends and challenge the world in hourly online competitions.

The gameplay is simple and you can get into the action straight away. Choose from hundreds of uniform combinations, use special power-ups to help you through tricky levels and watch exclusively recorded interview footage of Pelé.

In Pelé: King of Football you earn special tickets just through playing these enter you into real world prize draws, which can net you signed pictures, soccer balls, jerseys and mystery prizes. Youll even have a rare chance to win an all expenses paid trip to meet the legend himself, Pelé!

-Free to Play!
-Win real world prizes from signed soccer balls and jerseys to meeting the legend himself!
-Test your skills against other players around the world in hourly online competitions and leaderboards.
-Over 800 goals and challenges to complete from the backstreets to the big leagues.
-Customize your player with unique uniforms, hats, hair styles, and more!
-Use special power-ups to defy physics and take down any opponent in your path.
-Fun, intuitive touch controls mimic soccer kicks.
-Unlock exclusive interview footage of the legend himself.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need either a wireless connection or a 3G/4G mobile connection in order to play this game.

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**WiFi is currently needed to download the app.**

cosiproductions's comments:
Pele:King of Football

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Retired Brazilian soccer player Pelé today launched a new game for Android and iOS that gives you the shot at a one-on-one meeting with the legend himself.

The free flick-to-shoot game traces Pelé's rise to fame from the backstreets of Brazil to the world arena. We had a chance to try out "Pelé: King of Football" and found it entertaining and rewarding.
Perhaps the most intriguing and attractive part of the app are the real-world prizes you can win playing the game. Every shot you take within the app gives you tickets which you accumulate to get rewards such as a meet-and-greet with Pelé in Brazil, tickets to the 2014 FIFA World Cup final in Rio de Janiero and the chance to try out for a pro contract. Smaller prizes include merchandise signed by Pelé, who co-created the app.

On starting the app, you're presented with an avatar that you can customize in "Locker Room". We chose dreadlocks and an Argentinian jersey for our player. You can also change the letters on your character's jersey to reflect your name.
Those familiar with mobile games such as "Angry Birds" will find the level progression format familiar. Hitting "Career" takes you to the first available level, and there are 20 levels for each of the four stages. From "Backlot" to "World," each stage represents a phase in Pele's career.

Each level comprises of your player, a goal defended by a goalkeeper at the top and a number of defenders in between, depending on the level's difficulty. Your objective is to swipe and flick 10 balls (one by one) through all the obstructions and score as many points as possible.
You also get more points if you land the ball in tougher spots such as corners of the goal. If you hold down your finger and drag it in different directions as you flick, you can perform some cool movements, such as spinning or curving the ball. Three misses, and you fail the level.
If you need a little extra help, the app also provides power-ups, such as a "Fireball" to disintegrate the first obstacle it touches and a "Freeze ball" to hold all obstructions in their places.

The makers of the app also tried to make the main player's movements as realistic as possible, and according to creator Josh Blitz, that was one of Pelé's main concerns. Instead of constantly kicking with your player's right leg, you get a randomly generated variety of shots, such as using different legs and angles or doing a header.

Throughout the game you're treated to soundbites from Pelé himself, such as "I like your style" when you change your hairstyle or "Fantastic" when you score a goal. Pelé recorded some 220 audio clips for the app, Blitz said. Even better, the goalkeeper started dancing when we were idle for too long (which, funnily enough, awarded us points too).

For those with a competitive streak, the app also offers its multi-player Pelé Blitz mode that pits you against other players or your Facebook friends. A leaderboard is provided so you can see where you stand against other players in the world. Pelé fans will also appreciate the Vault, which packs exclusive video interviews with the sportsman that can be unlocked with gameplay.

Overall, "Pelé: King of Football" draws in soccer fans with its real-world incentives, and is easy enough to play, even for novices. Perhaps after you beat the game, you can even try out as a real soccer player with a pro team!